In 5th grade, I decided to leave home for a week to come to 4-H camp. I had the time of my life and I fell in love with Georgia 4-H. That week at camp is what jump started my 4-H career and kept me involved with the largest youth development program in the state. For those of you that don’t know, I got an opportunity to come be a camp counselor at Rock Eagle 4-H Center this summer. I was unsure that I could give these kids the experience that I got when I was in their shoes. I hoped that they would fall in love with 4-H just like I had. Little did I know that this would be the best summer of my life. I procrastinated in posting my final camp pictures, because I didn’t want to accept the fact that camp was over. Looking back at camp, I am so thankful for the opportunity and for the ability to be a counselor. As counselors, we try to impact kids and help them to see that life has so much to offer. However, these kids impact you in more ways than I can tell you. These kids are the funniest, craziest, and most precious people in the world. Not only was I surrounded by special kids, but I was surrounded by even better people. People that are genuine. Shawnee Land was a family that showed heap much love for one another. I can’t imagine a better summer. I grew in myself this summer and camp opened my eyes to see the endless things that are out there ready to be conquered. I cannot begin to thank the Lord and Georgia 4-H enough for this opportunity. I am and forever will be Georgia 4-H 🍀 … oh and SAY BLUE 💙