A Story of Restoration…

Nick and Stephanie have struggled with addiction their entire relationship. It has been a constant battle for them, they have been in and out of jails, prisons, and different treatment programs. The Department of Family and Children’s Services ended up stepping in and removing the couple’s two small daughters, Jayce and Vannah, and placing them into separate foster homes.

Nick ended up coming to the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter after being sentenced to Bartow County Drug Court Program. During his stay at the shelter he was able to develop the fundamental tools needed to fight for his family. He attended parenting classes and was able to get his driver’s license back. Nick also started visitation with his daughters while in the program. He worked two jobs while living here and saved up enough money to get his own apartment, which he and his family currently still live in.

After 28 days in jail, Stephanie was sent to Mary Hall Freedom House, which is a residential treatment program for women who are trying to get their children back. Stephanie was able to obtain the grief counseling that she desperately needed after the death of her mother. In September 2017 she successfully completed the program and was released. She moved in with Nick in Cartersville and they started attending parenting and family classes with Ms. Mandy from Advocates for Children. Nick graduated drug court this past February and successfully completed his after-care in July.

Upon completing the family classes they started pre-marriage counseling and a book study with Ms. Mandy and her husband who was an ordained minister. Stephanie and Nick became husband and wife on June 30th. They obtained full custody back of both of their daughters this past August. They are active members of Restoration Rome and continue to meet with Ms. Mandy and her husband for additional accountability.

Not only was Nick able to get his family back, but he was also able to reunite with his oldest daughter who he had not seen for over 8 years. Stephanie has battled with extreme fear of driving, however, this past month she was able to overcome that fear and obtain her driver’s license for the first time in her life. God is ultimately who made the difference in this family and we are grateful that Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter was able to be a part of the process.

Nick said that the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter gave him the foothold for a new beginning. He also said that he couldn’t have made this transition without the shelter staff and guests.